Birthday Horoscope

  November 20,2019


Celebrity Born

47th Vice President of the United States

Joe Biden

Radio and Television Personality

Dick Clark

US Attorney General

Robert F. Kennedy


Edwin Hubble

Author and Nobel Laureate

Selma Lagerlf

Prime Minister of Canada

Wilfrid Laurier

Personality & Characteristic Traits

Naturally kind and giving, individuals born on November 20 are cool and controlled with a hint of idealism and shrewdness. They have an intense and demanding temperament and a quick minded nature. The influence of Moon makes these individuals cooperative and willing to compromise, a trait that is unique to them. Endowed with an intelligent mind and interesting disposition, these people tend to have lots of different interests and are highly curious about everything around. Though they are generous, intuitive and courageous, they may show reckless behavior due to changeable mood. On the whole, November 20 folks are tactful and diplomatic with streaks of competitive and adventurous spirit.

More than physical health, it is psychological and mental health that needs to be taken care of by individuals born on November 20. These people are emotionally vulnerable and thus prone to illness and sickness. November 20 folks need to include meditation and daily exercise in their routine to stay fit and healthy. These would not only help relieve amassed stress and tension but would also help in balancing the emotions. Since these individuals are highly competitive, they love physical sports and thus mostly have an active lifestyle. The only other thing that November 20 folks need to be conscious of is being selective on the nutrition choice. They need to discourage certain food in later years to avoid excess of weight gain. Affinity for chocolate could mean visiting dentist more than often.

November 20 natives are mostly expert when it comes to financial matters. Thus, they rarely face any financial problem in life. These people spend wisely and save considerably. They rarely take risk and mostly invest their money only when they are sure that the same is a profitable venture. What’s more, their luck turns any investment into a favourable income for these individuals. November 20 folks rarely indulge in impulsive buying and understand the true value of money.

Dynamically talented, individuals with a November 20 birthday often take up energetic career options. These people give equal importance to work satisfaction and monetary returns. Thus, they usually opt for a job that not only guarantees a handsome pay but also suffices their need to be involved in a profession involving conservation and improvement of the environment. However, November 20 borns have it in them to do well in any kind of occupation, thanks to their talented and skilled approach.

Scorpions born on November 20 are family oriented folks. These people are warm and loving with a friendly nature. In matters of heart, they are typically romantic, ardent and sensuous. However, these people are prone to changing their emotions quite frequently and thus require a partner who would be able to cope with their roughness which may appear once in a while. November 20 folks are deeply passionate, emotional and sensitive but tend to hide their feelings by expressing temperamental behavior. This kind of behavior is also due to the fact that these people are highly possessive and insecure. Towards their partner however, they are completely loyal and dedicated and bestow them with lots of affection, care and concern. Parenting comes naturally to those with this birthdate. They adore their children and involve themselves in all the stages of child-rearing and upbringing.

Lcuky Color: Cream, White, Green .
Lucky Numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56 .
Lucky Days (of the week): Monday, Thursday, Sunday .
Lucky Days (of the month): 2, 11, 20.