Birthday Horoscope

  March 30,2020


Celebrity Born

NFL Cornerback

Richard Sherman

Singer & Pianist

Norah Jones

Actor and Comedian

Robbie Coltrane

Rocker, Blues Guitarist and Singer-Songwriter

Eric Clapton

NBA Forward

Jerry Lucas


Vincent van Gogh

English Politician

John Trenchard

Personality & Characteristic Traits

People born on this day are courageous and ambitious. They live life to the fullest and are not afraid of taking chances. These people prefer to learn from their own experiences and thrive in instances when they can do things in their own fashion; where they can use their expressive tendencies to create masterpieces. These individuals are often known to possess a great sense of humor. Although they seem so put together, there are occasions when these people have a touch of vulnerability, causing them to struggle to hide their pain and disappointment from others and be sensitive to others views of them. Through their expressive nature, these people can excel in all areas of life.

Individuals born on March 30th often think that they are immune to illness. They tend to be active and busy which makes them forget about the basic mind/body requirements. A proneness to stress may become the biggest component to any health issues they may encounter, trying to take on too many projects at once and not taking enough time to relax and unwind. Since these people are active, regular exercise or mind-body therapies could help decrease their stress and their likelihood of possibly dealing with heart related issues later on in life.

Since people born under this sun sign are ambitious in nature, they have the potential to have great luck in the finance department. These individuals tend to be responsible with the management of their money and have even been known for their saving ability.

With their creative and ambitious personality, March 30th people could become entrepreneurs, venturing to start something that they could be allowed to do their own thing with. These individuals also have a knack for being excellent teachers or leaders of a company due to their expressive and often times, inspirational way of sharing knowledge.

People born on this day have wonderful personality traits that can easily attract others. They often come from large, loving family circles, including many friends. They're known for their loyalty to friends and family. In love, they seem to be lucky and attract partners who are willing to help and support them in their endeavours. Individuals with this birthday are blessed with children late in life. Only when some of their dreams and aspirations are achieved, they think about having a family of their own. However, despite the delay, these people make extraordinary parents in their time.

Lcuky Colors: Pink, Orange, Red, Violet, Yellow .
Lucky Numbers: 3 .
Lucky Days (of the week): Tuesday and Thursday .
Lucky Days (of the month): 3, 13, 30..