Birthday Horoscope

  May 11,2021


Celebrity Born

Actress & Singer

Holly Valance

Actor & Musician

Cory Monteith


Salvador Dali

Composer and Lyricist

Irving Berlin

Personality & Characteristic Traits

May 11th individuals are impulsive, loyal, practical, emotional, and sensual. They dislike changes, and can be downright inflexible. Appealing to their sensual nature may help. They have a very distinct view of how things should be done, and will not hesitate to explain it to you. Others may at times see them as exasperating know-it-alls, but they really just want to share what they’ve learned with everyone. They are incredible friends-- patient, faithful, and generous. They are the ones whom you can turn to at the time of crises, who would stay calm and methodically, choose the best course of action, and render plenty of emotional support.

These individuals need to be on guard against throat infections and asthma. Their love for good food can lead to be a healthy diet, but remember, too much of even the very best food can be a problem. Taking a conscious effort to keep the weight in check is a must for May 11th individuals.

Due to their love for luxury, May 11th individuals understand that money is the key to getting what they want. They are practical and cautious in money matters, and are likely to be quite comfortable financially from a very early age.

The patience and practicality of these individuals make them excellent candidates for the banking and accounting fields, as well as architecture. But their sensuality, and willingness to get their hands dirty both literally and metaphorically, means that they also excel at artistic endeavors, and farming. The influence of Venus may lend them an especially lovely singing voice.

Relationships These individuals are not likely to fall in love “at first sight”. They approach matters of the heart, slowly and with much consideration. They prefer to get to know a potential partner before entering into a romantic relationship. Once they have made up their mind, however, they are wonderful, thoughtful lovers, showering their partner with affection and generosity. They are passionate in the bedroom, and quietly demonstrative in public. As a parent, they are patient and pragmatic. They’re affectionate and indulgent, and always ready to kiss a skinned knee or soothe that first broken heart. The children of May 11th borns know beyond a doubt that they are deeply loved.

Lcuky Color: Cream, White, Green .
Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 23 .
Lucky Days (of the week): Friday, Monday .
Lucky Days (of the month): 7, 8,16,17,26.