How many people actually believe in astrology

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The Dance of Astrology From Clockwork to Quantum, and Beyond

Douglas Egan has written a most encompassing book on a worldview that supports astrology

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Pluto’s Status Questioned by Planetary Scientists

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Distant ‘Dwarf’ Planet is Telling Us a Story

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Astrologers Align Against Trump

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Study of NFL Coaches Confirms Astrology

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How Astrologers Measure The Night Sky

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A Royal Seal of Approval for Astrological Studies

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Is a New Solar System Planet Out There

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New Solar Research Supports Astrology

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Saving Daylight Creates Timing Dilemma for Astrologers

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What to Expect From an Astrology Session

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On the Perils of Telling People What to Do

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New Tests with Gauquelin Data Confirm Astrology

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