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Each day is a new beginning. All zodiac signs have their own traits that would define each one's personality. See how your stars are lined up and what the day has in store for you. May the odds be in your favor today.


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Astrology, the language of the universe, is here to guide your life. Get free astrology readings daily, zodiac horoscope, tarot readings, play popular astrology games, or compatibility tests to find friendship, love, career, and pets. Explore the pattern of celestial bodies on natal charts to discover birth profiles, nature of zodiac signs. Get access to Chinese astrology and daily hexagram.

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Good for work related to minerals and metals, medicine, fire, electricity, sporting activities. Not suitable to begin new things. Avoid traveling,.

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Birthday Horoscope


The probability of the personality of July 16 folks is dependent on the characteristic influence of two celestial bodies, Moon and Neptune. While

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Love Horoscope


Luck Horoscope contains details About Your Today's tarrot card, Lucky Number,Color,Work Luck,Love Luck

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Daily Planetary Overview

Jul 16, 2024 - Adopt a can-do attitude when the moon enters exuberant Sagittarius today. You might feel like the world is your oyster during this vivacious lunation! Although you will be in high spirits, you should note that the pre-shadow period for Mercury retrograde also begins today. This period can be quite telling of what is to come, so pay attention!.....Read More

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about astrology


Astrology categorizes the world under 12 signs based on the date of birth and place of origin. It is the language of the universe that predicts seasonal shifts, auspicious days to begin new endeavors, and human personalities based on the positioning of celestial objects. Life is all about choices and celestial patterns that can impact the outcome of these choices. Have experts interpret your health, wealth, romance, work, and life in general through horoscopes with AstroZodiac.

Astrology Articles

blog-img July 29, 2020

How many people actually believe in astrology

Astrology and horoscope columns are a familiar feature of tabloid newspapers, women’s magazines and the web. They claim, controversially for some, that there is a meaningful relationship between celestial

blog-img July 29, 2020

The most powerful zodiac signs in the world and Why Are you among one of them Find out

Certain Zodiac signs have a stronger, more intense character and personality than others, which makes them become leaders and charismatic politicians or celebrities. Therefore, these signs could be

blog-img July 29, 2020

Pluto’s Status Questioned by Planetary Scientists

No matter how it may have looked to some observers, the team of scientific investigators that submitted a paper to Planetary and Lunar Science was not high on moonshine. They meant it when they seriously

Free Astrology Reading: Zodiac Horoscope and Compatibility Tests

Astrology can predict the future based on today’s choices. Get free astrology readings to make the right choices for a brighter tomorrow with AstroZodiacs.

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac astrology categorizes people under twelve horoscope signs based on their date of birth, based on western, Chinese, or Vedic astrology. The personalities of individuals under each sign vary based on age, location, gender, and many other factors. Get planetary overviews and daily hexagrams for your zodiac sign from experts now.


AstroZodiac brings you free astrology readings based on the date of birth shared by you. Get astrology horoscope predictions in your inbox on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. Astrology online envisages your future by analyzing the positioning of planets in the natal chart and matches the same with current patterns.

Zodiac horoscopes can forecast the future based on several factors. These factors can impact your likes, dislikes, relationships, wealth, and quality of life.


Tarot predictions can help you connect with your subconscious mind to get back dismissed opportunities. AstroZodiacs free astrology reading has a specific section dedicated to Tarot readings. The 12 horoscope signs form the crux of the 78 tarot cards.

Expert tarot readers can predict your past, present, and future by an array of card arrangements chosen by you. Do you know that there is no difference between an offline or online zodiac horoscope session using tarots? Yes, tarots are read by professionals on the basis of chance and you can get the same amount of chance with just a click. Get accurate astrology horoscope readings based on tarots now.


The 12 horoscope signs are divided into four elements: air, water, earth, and fire to make perfect matches. Zodiac horoscope considers planet Venus the ruling planet of love; ill-positioned Mars or Saturn can adversely affect friendships.

Compatibility tests are highly sought after by people across the globe. Astrology signs and dates of a couple are utilized to prognosticate the strengths and weaknesses of a relationship, be it friendship, love, pets, career, etc. Experts in the field provide AstroZodiac’s free astrology readings. Astrology online can be confusing. Get crisp and accurate predictions for your sun sign. Find out more about compatibility based on zodiac horoscopes immediately.

Astrology Games

Astrological predictions can be favorable or adverse. Play games on astrology online to ease things out. There is more to life than astrology signs and dates like luck and optimism. Take a chance at things with these popular astrology games like: Magic 8 Ball Secret Crush Fortune Dragon Crystal Ball Shell Oracle Luck Meter

Popular Readings

Apart from free astrology horoscope readings, there are several popular readings for horoscope signs like fortune cookies, daily hexagrams, and Chinese astrology. Get your hands on any trending astrology online with AstroZodiac.

Apart from astrology signs, dates are of crucial importance too. Unlike Friday the 13th, every number is significant, be it your date of birth, house number, vehicle number, enrollment number, etc. Get impeccable predictions for your date of birth for a specific year and map out your future endeavors based on it at once.

Birth Profile

The primary aim of the astrology horoscope is to map an individual’s personality based on astrology signs and dates. Each sign has a specific set of traits, but these traits are also influenced by their time and date of birth, along with location and gender. Obtain customized birthday profiles for everybody you know for free at AstroZodiac.

Blogs and Articles

Want more than free astrology readings? Help yourself to the latest blogs and articles based on astrology and why it is a pseudoscience with AstroZodiac. Find out if astrology can really predict your future.


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