Today Overview

A Day of life, Day of pure consciousness.

Enjoy life, the Sun; pay attention to yourself and your inner Self. Good for enjoying work related to Nature, work related to gold, copper, trees, silk, fire, coronation. Control your anger and ego. Don’t be lazy, rude or violent.

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Events Of Interest!!

1st Sultan of Egypt and Syria


French Explorer

Jacques Cartier

Russian Tsar

Ivan the Terrible

First US President

George Washington


Charles Darwin

Founder of Salt Lake City and President of the LDS Church

Brigham Young

Boxer and World Heavyweight Champion

Tommy Burns

Pacifist and Spiritual Leader

Mahatma Gandhi

28th US President

Woodrow Wilson

Baseball Legend

Babe Ruth

32nd US President

Franklin D. Roosevelt

MLB Catcher and Manager

Yogi Berra

Film Director

David Lean

First Black Supreme Court Justice

Thurgood Marshall

264th Pope

John Paul II

Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Muhammad Ali


Michael Graves

Heavyweight Boxing Champion

Mike Tyson

NHL Star

Eric Lindros

Tennis Player

Steffi Graf