Daily Planetary Overview

Planetary overview

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Oct 2, 2022 - The energy requires you to stay on your toes. It could pull you in different directions, but if you seize the day you’ll benefit in the end.There is so much happening at once with today’s transits. A strong pull between earth and fire has a hand in both moving things forward practically and jumping into things courageously. The moon is in Capricorn while the sun is in Libra, and there is a strong sense that we need to be brave today. Your creative passion is burning in your soul, but it requires some kind of organization.With a square between the loving sun in Libra and the domineering moon in Capricorn, there’s a dynamic pull between structure and ambition. This is where the conflict arises and where you really need to hold it down. Remember that everyone thinks they’re right. There is a conviction in the collective that could go either way. Pay close attention to the news you receive over the next few days, and don’t give up on your dream.Mercury turns direct today, ending the current retrograde. With plenty of raw and real conversations going on, you might come to a conclusion that you’ve needed to understand for many years. This could completely change the direction of your internal compass. Never compromise your needs for the needs of others.